Lucy Banks, a well-known adult-only user of the website OnlyFans, purchased the property with funds obtained from the website. These contemporary residences are located on a street in the suburbs.

While the founders of OnlyFans continue to rake in billions of dollars annually, an Australian mother has decided to help her children climb the real estate property ladder with her newly acquired wealth.

Lucy Banks, an Australian actress who participated in OnlyFans, decided against spending her money on ostentatious items and instead contributed it to the purchase of a new primary school building for her children.

The bankers shared their story, saying, “I recently purchased an investment property with my under-10-year-old children.”

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OnlyFans is a platform that provides and distributes pornographic content to the majority of its users. Since joining OnlyFans in 2019, Banks has been able to earn $2,500 per day through the website.

She went on to explain that, as a single mother, it would have been impossible for her to purchase a home without the assistance of OnlyFans.

Kids join property ladder
When Banks purchased her first home ten months ago, her children immediately inquired about how they could be involved in the process. They wanted to know how they could assist with selecting paint colors and furniture.

Each of her children requested that they return the one hundred dollars that they had “invested” in the house through birthday gifts and other chores around the home. All of the children desired to do this for their mother.

Prior to the eldest child bringing up the idea, the single mother in Perth had not considered allowing her children to invest in the home. She was surprised when the suggestion was made.

Banks provided an explanation in which she stated, “My older child suggested it, and my younger child agreed.”

Her children did the math and determined that, with an initial investment of $100 each, they would have enough money to purchase their own homes by the time they reached adulthood. After determining that they would be able to purchase their own homes by the time they were adults, they reached this conclusion.

In 2021, OnlyFans content creators earned $3.86 billion, an increase of 115% over the previous year; this means that since the site’s launch in 2016, artists have collectively earned more than $8 billion.

Despite the fact that many people will judge Banks because of the career path she has chosen, she is grateful that she is able to provide her sons with a good life. Banks is well aware that many individuals will evaluate her based on the career path she has chosen.

I will not provide my sons with financial assistance in the form of handouts or trust funds; rather, I will pay for their education and instill in them the importance of financial responsibility.

She observed that the remaining responsibilities were their responsibility.

However, Banks finds it extremely amusing that her children are still at an age where they regularly spend their money on items like video games and candy.

In addition, they make decisions typical of children, such as wasting money on sweets and Robux. This represents one of their options. In spite of this, they are extremely frugal when it comes to spending their accumulated wealth.

You could follow Lucy Bank’s example and begin investing in real estate for your children. In Singapore, there are a few upcoming developments.

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