The condominium known as Lentor Hills Residences was developed by Guocoland and Hong Leong.

Under the auspices of the Government Land Sales (GLS) programme, the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) has successfully concluded the bidding process for the 99-year leasehold property at Lentor Hills Residences. This residential property was sold to a joint venture consisting of GuocoLand, Leong Holdings, and TID for a price of S$585.6 million, which is equivalent to S$1,060 per square foot per plot ratio (psf ppr).

A maximum Gross Floor Area (GFA) of 60,480 square meters can be found within the Lentor Hills Residences, which can be found tucked away in the picturesque Ang Mo Kio neighborhood. The entire site area of the development is approximately 17,100 square meters (sq m). It is anticipated that there would be 595 residential units there.

The property known as Lentor Hills Residences can be found in district 20, and it is situated in one of the most desirable regions that is devoted entirely to residential use. The area is ideal for persons who are single, in relationships, or who want to start families and are looking for roomy apartments in a verdant environment. The area, which was once part of an estate, is now home to some of the most opulent and roomy HBD towns in Singapore, making it an excellent choice for households consisting of many children.

In addition to the alluring atmosphere, the location of the Lentor Hills Residences makes it an excellent choice for residents who value convenience. It is encircled by a developed transportation system that provides inhabitants with access to neighboring estates. This system consists of free-flowing motorways, MRT stations, and bus stops in close proximity to one another.

The magnificent Lentor Hills Residences are located in close proximity to a variety of conveniences, allowing residents to satisfy their day-to-day needs without having to venture too far from their homes. The neighborhood of Ang Mo Kio features a number of schools, shopping malls, medical centers, and recreational sports venues, all of which will make life more convenient for residents of the upcoming Lentor Hill Riad Parcel A development.


  • It is situated in Singapore’s Ang Mo Kio neighborhood, which is considered to be one of the country’s most desirable locations.
  • Residents are able to relax and unwind in the peaceful residential area away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis.
  • Both Lentor Hills Road and Yio Chu Kang Road, two major thoroughfares, may be found within a short distance of the haven.
  • The Yio Chu Kang MRT station can be reached in a car in seven minutes, while the Lentor MRT station is conveniently located nearby.
  • The neighborhood is home to a number of different commercial centers, including Jubilee Square, Djitsun mall, and Broadway Plaza, among others.
  • It will take you four minutes to go to Anderson Primary School, and CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls School is also located in the area.
  • It won’t take you more than a few steps to get to a hospital like Ang Mo Kio-Thye Hua Kwan Hospital.
  • Residents can take pleasure in the contemporary and fashionable finishings provided by the three massive real estate corporations.

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    Lentor Hills Residences EXCELLENT CONNECTIVITY

    An improved transportation network makes it easy for residents of the Lentor Hills Residences to get around thanks to the property’s favorable location. Because of this, inhabitants are able to access a wide variety of amenities, including shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and recreational institutions, not only in their own neighborhood but also in neighboring cities within Singapore.

    The Lentor Hills Residences are located close to key roads that connect inhabitants to estates in the surrounding area. Lentor Hills Road is practically at your front door, and Yio Chu Kang Road may be seen in the distance from your prospective new residence. Lentor Gardens Road, Lentor Drive, and Ang Mo Kio Avenue are some of the other minor roads in the area surrounding the Lentor Hills Residences complex.

    The first-rate rail network makes it quite convenient to go to neighboring areas and neighborhoods. The residents of Lentor Hills Residences have convenient access to a number of MRT stations in the area. Yio Chu Kang Road can be reached in a speedy three minutes by car to reach the Lentor MRT station, and the Lentor Dr Yio Chu Kang MRT station can be found in the neighborhood. You can reach the Ang Mo Kio MRT station, which is conveniently located close to your home, in about five minutes by car.

    Residents of Lentor Hills Residences who utilize bus services are also sorted, since the neighborhood has multiple bus stops conveniently located throughout it. A pleasant walk of seven minutes will get you to the bus stop that is 800 meters away from your home and is located just before Lentor Station Exit 5. Both the Munshi Abdullah Avenue bus stop and the BLK 617 bus stop may be reached in a span of 4 minutes and 5 seconds while traveling by car. Other bus stops in the area include the BLK 180 stop after Thomson Hills Dr., the BLK 604 stop opposite Horizon Gardens, and the BLK 180 stop after Thomson Hills Dr.


    A number of Singapore’s most prestigious educational institutions are located in close proximity to the Lentor Hills Residences. It houses both local and foreign schools, both of which cater to the educational needs of children of expatriates by providing a curriculum that is recognized around the world. These educational institutions cover all levels, from kindergarten to primary, secondary, and even tertiary education, making them accessible to students of all ages.

    The following are examples of educational facilities that are available to those living in the Ang Mo Kio area:

    • Anderson Primary School
    • Presbyterian High School
    • CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School
    • Mayflower Primary School
    • The Grange Institution; International Primary & Preschool
    • Yio Chu Kang Secondary School
    • Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse
    • Maple Bear Preschool
    • MindChamps Preschool
    • Character Montessori Singapore
    • Little Seeds Preschool
    • My Montessori Preschool at Bullion
    • Anderson Serangoon Junior College


    The Lentor Hills Residences are located in close proximity to a number of commercial districts. There are a large number of retail businesses located within the malls, and these shops carry virtually every item that is required for daily life. In addition, you can find shops that provide services such as barbering, banking, tailoring, and even educational opportunities. And if you get hungry while you’re out shopping, you may stop at one of the many restaurants that are located inside the shopping malls.

    Djitsun mall, Jubilee Square, Broadway Plaza, AMK Hub, and Thomson Plaza are all examples of some of the shopping malls that can be found in the Ang Mo Kio neighborhood.

    AMK Hub

    The local mall, AMK Hub, can be reached in a relatively short amount of time by car from the Lentor Hills Residences. The Ang Mo Kio bus stop, which is directly connected to the Ang Mo Kio MRT station, provides access to the area. The shopping center has a total suite space of 48,250 square meters of gross floor area (GFA), and it is home to nearly 200 different retail establishments over its four main floors and three basement levels.

    AMK Hub can accommodate all of the requirements of residents of Lentor Hills Residences, including their requirements for food and entertainment. The shopping center provides free and unlimited internet access to its customers, allowing you to stay connected. When it comes to customers who are shopping with young children, AMK Hub provides a nursery room that they may leave their children in while they shop in peace.

    It’s the Thomson Plaza.

    The exquisite Thomson Plaza, a bustling suburban shopping center that first opened its doors in 1979, It is situated in a handy location just a short distance away from Lentor Hills Residences. It is home to a large number of stores that provide groceries, apparel, and housewares, in addition to posh dining establishments.

    The 7-Eleven Convenience Store, the Bata Shoe Shop, Rootes Boutique, Divine Concepts, Myths & Legends Collection, Sorella, and Hajime Tonkatsu $ Ramen Restaurant, Sushi Tei, Swensens, and Kingsman Bar & Bistro Restaurant are some of the anchor tenants that can be found in Thomson Plaza. Other tenants include Sorella.

    The barrier-free features of Thomson Plaza make it accessible to persons who are living with disabilities and make it a welcoming environment for all customers. Residents who use wheelchairs can access the various floors of the shopping mall in an easy and comfortable manner thanks to the ramps that are provided.


    Near the Lentor Hills Residences, you’ll find a myriad of restaurants and cafés that are known for their delectable food options. They have Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and French cuisine in addition to other specialties from around the world. These chic and sophisticated restaurants offer courteous service in an atmosphere that is relaxing and inviting, making them an ideal choice for dates.

    The upscale Indian restaurant known as Banana Leaf can be reached via Yio Chu Kang Road in just 5 minutes using the car. A short drive will also take you to Two Chefs Eating Place, 305 Family Restaurant, Appetit 2er Family Restaurant, Aman Restaurant, Yummi Bites, Al Mahayas Restaurant, Canopy Bishan, Tancho Seafood Restaurant, L’Rez Restaurant, and Hiap Wah Restaurant.

    PROXIMITY TO Various Recreational Facilities and Activities

    The need to meet the requirements of modern living led to the development of the Lentor Hills Residences community, which is located in close proximity to a number of different recreational establishments. If you are searching for a community that offers a good mix of places to work, relax, and have fun, this neighborhood is perfect for you.

    Lentor Hillock Park is the park that is closest to Lentor Hills Residences, and it is the park that residents can visit to relax. Lentor Hillock Park is just a four-minute walk away, and Our Park @ 618 is also just a seven-minute drive away. Other parks in the Ang Mo Kio neighborhood include Gelenggang Park, Bishan Active Park, and Leban Park. Ang Mo Kio Town Garden East is also a park in the Ang Mo Kio neighborhood.





    The Lentor Hills Residences have a very desirable location in the Ang Mo Kio neighborhood, which is known for its natural beauty. One of the reasons why you will see notable people living in this part of the northeastern region of Singapore is because it is a perfect location for people who love living in an atmosphere that is safe and quiet in cul-de-sacs. The occupants are able to take advantage of the desirable location, which is removed from the bustling traffic and bustle of the Central Business District (CBD).

    The population of Ang Mo Kio are served by public and private transit networks that are in good condition and properly maintained. The Lentor Hills Residences are located right next to Lentor Hill Road, which can be reached with a few quick steps. In addition, Yio Chu Kang Road is conveniently located nearby. Residents at Lentor Hills Residences have convenient access to a number of MRT stations, including the Lentor MRT station, Yio Chu Kang MRT station, Ang Mo Kio MRT station, Upper Thomson MRT station, Marymount MRT station, and Lorong Chuan MRT station. You will also come across a number of bus stops that serve the purpose of connecting the locals to various different areas of Singapore.

    Some of Singapore’s most prestigious educational institutions are located in close proximity to Lentor Hills Residences. Residents who have children who are currently enrolled in schools will have the opportunity to benefit from living in close proximity to their children’s schools. Anderson Primary School, CHIJ St Nicholas Girls School, Mayflower Primary School, Presbyterian High School, Yio Chu Kang Secondary, and a number of other schools are located in the neighborhood.

    The proximity of Lentor Hills Residences to medical centers is another factor that contributes to the unrivaled convenience offered by these apartments. In the event that you require complete medical treatment, it is available immediately and directly outside your front door. Ang Mo Kio-Thye Hua Kwan Hospital, Family Care Clinic and Surgery, and Tan Medical Care Pte Ltd are a few of the hospitals and clinics that are located here.

    The Lentor Hills Residences tenants have a wide variety of options to choose from when it comes to dining. Casuarina Curry, Tamako dinner, Soon Seng Restaurant, Indian Banana Leaf Restaurant, The Grumpy Bear Restaurant, Thus Coffee and Yahava Koffee Works are just a few of the restaurants that may be reached on foot within a short distance. The prospective occupants of Lentor Hill Road Parcel A will have easy access to a wide variety of restaurants, cafes, and diners, ranging from those serving regional to those serving worldwide cuisine.

    Residents of Lentor Hills Residences have convenient access to several family-friendly shopping malls in the surrounding area, including Thomson Plaza, AMK Hub, Jubilee Square, Broadway Plaza, and Djitsun Mall, for all of their shopping needs. These shopping centers stock everything from food and clothing to consumer gadgets and toys for children, so you won’t have to go anywhere else for anything you require. They also provide necessary services, which eliminates the need for you to go a great distance in order to fulfill your day-to-day requirements.

    And after a long week of toiling away at their jobs, residents of Lentor Hills Residences have the option of winding down with a game of one of the many recreational sports offered in the Ang Mo Kio neighborhood. In addition, the stunning Lentor Hillock and the lovely Thomson Nature Park are also very simple to reach. Gelenggang Park, Lower Peirce Reservoir Park, Our Park @ 618, and Ang Mo Kio Town Garden East are some of the additional parks that locals have access to and can visit.

    Lentor Hills Residences

    When extraordinary becomes normal

    Take refuge in the Lake Pool, a retreat that is both opulent and well-known among serious swimmers as a favorite location. The wonderful setting, which is surrounded by a breathtaking natural backdrop, has a lulling effect on the mind and softly sets the senses at ease.


    Luxury through experience

    You will be able to savor the luxurious amenity of additional room for unwinding and having fun because the living and dining areas have been strategically constructed to be close to one another.


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