Just hours before the deadline for BTO flats, 4,513 individuals submitted applications for 398 four-room apartments at the Central Weave project in Ang Mo Kio.
There have been 3,094 applicants for 150 four-room apartments in the Sun Plaza Spring development in Tampines.

In contrast, the combined application rate for the same apartment type in Alexandra Vale and Havelock Hillside in Bukit Merah was six buyers per property.

According to a property expert, the pool of potential buyers for apartments in exceptional locations, such as those in Bukit Merah, may have shrunk.

With so many similar apartments issued in the past year, it’s possible that homebuyers have already obtained what they sought.

In the most recent Build-to-Order (BTO) activity, the number of applications for four-room government-built flats in Ang Mo Kio and Tampines was significantly higher than in Bukit Merang’s premium location developments.

At 5.30 p.m. on Monday, September 5, prior to the application deadline at 11.59 p.m., 4,513 individuals had applied for the 398 four-room flats at the Central Weave project in Ang Mo Kio, which equates to more than 11 applicants per unit.

The number of applicants for the five-room, three-generation apartment at the project was even greater: 5,907 for 372 apartments for sale, including 39 three-generation apartments.

Indicating that potential buyers were not deterred by the flat type’s price range of S$713,000 to S$877,500, this indicated a nearly 16-fold increase in applications.

The application rate for the two-room flexi apartments in the housing project was approximately eight times lower, with 990 applicants for 126 units.

Central Weave is bounded by Ang Mo Kio Central 2, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 8, and Ang Mo Kio Central 3. The distance to the Ang Mo Kio public library is only a few steps.

Under the Resettlement, Relocation, Sers, and Tenants’ Priority Scheme, up to 10% of the project’s 896 apartments were reserved for priority allocation. Included are residents affected by the Selective En bloc Redevelopment Scheme (Sers), such as those on Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3 whose homes were selected for this purpose.

In the eastern region of Singapore, the application rate for four-room apartments was nearly double that of Central Weave.

The Sun Plaza Spring project in Tampines was approximately 20 times oversubscribed for four-room apartments, with 3,094 applicants vying for 150 units.

Twenty-four applications were submitted for the project’s five-room units, which generated even greater interest.

There were 2,813 applicants for 117 five-room units as of 5:30 p.m.

Prime location flat launches should be less frequent, comprise larger units, and concentrate on the central business district: Analysts

Sun Plaza Spring is bounded by Tampines Avenue 7, Tampines Street 42, and Tampines Street 41, and the Gongshang Primary School is within walking distance.

In contrast, this round’s demand for properties in two Bukit Merah developments was significantly lower. These properties are a part of the Prime Location Public Housing program, which has stricter ownership conditions, such as a 10-year minimum occupancy requirement before property owners can sell.

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) data did not differentiate between Alexandra Vale and Havelock Hillside, but it did indicate that there were approximately six applicants for every four-room unit available in the two developments, for a total of 7,117 applicants for 1,298 apartments.

There were approximately two applicants for every available three-bedroom apartment, with a total of 858 applicants for 353 units.

Alexandra Vale, located near Redhill MRT Station, consists of 782 three- and four-room apartments in two towers, of which one will contain rental units.

Havelock Hillside, located along Havelock Road and close to Singapore General Hospital, consists of 869 three- and four-room apartments in two blocks. It will also be served by the future Havelock MRT Station on the Thomson-East Coast Line.

Demand for 4-room BTO flats in Yishun exceeds the number of projects in desirable areas like Bukit Merah and Queenstown.

Ms. Christine Sun, senior vice-president of research and analytics at OrangeTee & Tie, commented on the low application rate for the Bukit Merah projects, stating that it is possible that the pool of buyers has shrunk as a result of the release of a large number of such flats over the past year and the fact that some individuals may have already purchased a unit in previous BTO exercises.

She explained that the high demand in Ang Mo Kio and Tampines is due to the proximity of the two developments to MRT stations and the fact that they are in mature estates with numerous amenities.

In addition, she mentioned that Sun Plaza Spring has one of the shortest completion times, at approximately three years. This indicates that purchasers won’t have to wait long to move into the apartments.

Ms. Sun also noted that five-room flats are “extremely popular with buyers at the moment,” likely because fewer of these flat types were released in mature estates during previous launches.

During the previous BTO exercise in June, larger units in Yishun and Jurong were highly sought after.

For the ongoing exercise, HDB launched 4,993 BTO units across seven projects on August 30.

Larger units and quicker completion may explain why BTO flats in Yishun and Jurong are more popular than projects in prime locations: Analysts

In Bukit Batok, Kallang Whampoa, Queenstown, Tengah, and Yishun, 9,500 brand-new units will be available for sale in November of this year.

In a press release issued on Monday, HDB announced plans to introduce up to 23,000 new apartments this year.

Why not investigate the upcoming new launches Lentor Hills Residences and Tenet EC, when the likelihood of obtaining a BTO is so remote?

FE Landmark Pte Ltd. was responsible for the design of the Lentor Hills Residences. We are pleased to announce that we have reached an agreement to purchase the Reserve Residences PSF property within Lentor Hills Residences ppr for $1,028,333. That is equivalent to $10,650.23 per month.

In close proximity to the intersection of Upper Bukit Timah Road and Jalan Jurong Kechil, you will find the The Reserve residences. The 3.22-acre parcel close to The Beauty World Metro Station (DT5) has the potential to be expanded to 96.555 acres of GFA (GFA).

It is possible to locate a Reserve Residences condo on hubs that serve as transportation hubs and serve a dual purpose. At least one bus stop with two intermodal levels and both public and private spaces on the lower levels could be located at the hub. The concept for an Integrated Transport Hub at Beauty World was announced as part of the URA Master Plan for 2019. 2019 URA Master Plan 2019 URA Master Plan 2019 URA Master Plan The URA Master Plan will be implemented in 2019.

Reserve Residences are accessible via the Circle Line and Botanic Gardens Interchange. The Residences are dispersed in various locations along The Line. Through the Thomson East Coast line, they may be able to connect to The Line. Until 2022, the Thomson East Coast line will be operational. At the bottom of the route, there are five stops surrounding the Stevens Interchange.

In the vicinity, malls under construction include Beauty World Centre, King Albert Park, Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Kings Albert Park, and Beauty World Plaza.

There are numerous major shopping malls that also serve as transportation hubs. The website can also serve as a destination for all visitors who are connected to the internet. Additionally, the property provides beverages, food, and services. The objectives are to expand the site’s capabilities and improve the design and layout of Beauty World. Space for World of Beauty.

Developers may be among the most popular properties because they are among the few who will spend more time saving documents and other files. This is the case for numerous developments, including The Scott Towers, Greenwood Mews, Seaside Residences, Seahill, Bijou, Alana, Qbay Residences, Woods Square and Boathouse Residences, Watertown, and others.

In the center of the complex is a naturally ventilated central area (‘Village Centre’) that is aesthetically pleasing. It is the ideal location for hosting events, celebrations, and community gatherings throughout the year.

In the coming months, Guocoland and TID Residential will begin construction on Lentor Hills Residences. It is anticipated that the District 26 construction project will be expensive.

In addition to restaurants, offices, and stores, a variety of commercial structures are available. The land consists of 20,000 acres. It is approximately 800 square meters in size. It is possible for events to occur that are distinct from those occurring nearby. It is anticipated that the space will be utilized to host events accessible to all neighborhood residents. This location is ideal for hosting events.

In addition to commercial and residential structures, it has air conditioning and bus interchanges that connect to nearby MRT stations.

With the addition of the Jurong Extension Line and the Cross-Island Line, the area is now considerably more accessible. Cross-Island Line is an alternative option. In addition to Cross-Island Line, Cross-Island Line Pedestrians can use an underground station that is directly connected to The Beauty World MRT Station (DT5), an important component of the Downtown Line, in addition to the upscale and fashionable Beauty World Interchange.

The Lentor Hills Residences Showflat is anticipated to be available for viewing by the end of 2022. Please indicate your interest through this link: https://official-lentor-hills-residences.com/lentor-hills-residences-showflat/. Price information for Lentor Hills Residences will be released shortly.

Tenet EC is a new Executive Condominium that will debut at the end of 2022. People who are unable to obtain a unit in Sun plaza Spring may be interested in this forthcoming Executive Condominium by Tenet. This forthcoming ec was written by Qianjian and Santarli.

Tenet Tampines EC is ideally located near parks and green spaces, as well as the Pasir Ris MRT Station. There are many more nearby attractions, such as the Elias Primary Schools and the Century Square mall.

With the opening of Tampines North station on the Cross Island Line by 2030, the upcoming Integrated Transport Hub (ITH) will also improve connectivity in the region.

Tenet Tampines EC is outfitted with all essential amenities. It includes a large playground where children can play outside after school. Access to nature and a variety of outdoor facilities, such as fitness centers and gyms, enables older individuals to live a healthy lifestyle.

Because you are close to the Singapore Expo Convention Centre, Changi Business Park, and Tampines Regional Centre, you can satisfy all of your business needs. Residents of Tampines can anticipate an abundance of amenities as a result of the addition of new construction and the expansion of existing facilities.